I’m Jennifer Kremer. I'm a coach, engineer and manager who who specializes in personal coaching and professional development to serve as the catalyst for boldness in your life and business.

I believe that leaders have the burning desire to be unique and uncommon—but sometimes theyneed the push and skills to tap into it! I believe with awareness, trust and a bold leader, teams can be unstoppable! I know because I created one of the most empowered, bold, trusting teams in a high-risk environment.

I’ve used my 20 years of knowledge and experience as a NASA Engineer and Supervisor leading high risk teams to phenomenal success to create one of the most powerful leadership programs in the biz. I believe you can be personally fulfilled and a high producer, without sacrificing your sanity or the bottom line.

As a wife and mom to four kiddos (including three-year-old twins), having it all—with ease—is super important to me.

Throughout my career, my goal has been to work myself “out” of a job by creating teams that are high in heart & skill and feel empowered to boldly create success. With my method, you’ll have the happiest and highest performing leaders and

teams. But don’t trust me—I’m just a rocket scientist—trust my clients who are seeing rapid transformation both in and out of the workplace.

Whether you are looking to enhance your life, shift the trajectory of your team or cultivate a shift within your team I offer tailored services and solutions that are designed to help guide you along the path to success.

Ready to step into your sovereignty and own your future by becoming a powerful & Radiant Leader?