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Self Leadership.

Corporate Strategist. Leadership Coach & Consultant.

Leadership shouldn't suck. Yet corporate processes and policies have gotten in the way of allowing leaders to lead in a powerful way. Do you want to powerfully lead yourself and others around you without feeling stressed, burned out and out of alignment with your gifts and purpose?

Even though I've been a leader at one of the most ground breaking agencies in this universe, I didn't always fit in. In a male dominated industry with a majority in the detailed oriented category - I was an outlier. I wanted to fit in, but my style was so different. I took mentoring advice, tried to adapt, but I was left feeling odd, unauthentic or in a box when it came to leading and managing people. And it sucked!

Want to see major shifts in your team's performance? Your happiness? What about your life? Marriage? Children?

It starts from within YOUR ability to tap into a deep sense of self - and to be able to create a space for others to do that as well. You inner assassin is ready to explore your purpose, gifts and even the darker parts of who you are to unleash your true potential. My teachings go way beyond my experience as a leader at NASA for over 20 years. I've discovered that I can create high performing powerful teams that can accomplish unbelievable feats, while remaining happy and healthy. I have taught teams how to go from good to great, by teaching all the things that unique ways of driving performance by tapping into unlocked components of your teams inner light and darkness. The key factors to creating trust.

Radical Self Leadership...

combines leadership with laughter, loyalty and love to allow new or experienced leaders to be a radiant light, attracting those in alignment with YOU and brings out the most high performing team that is bonded through connection to the same values and obligation to self.


Things I know to be true...

I never wanted kids & ended up with 4

Yep, I never thought I'd have kids until I met the love of my life, Ryan. His son, Carter was 7 when we met. Our daughter, Stella, was a surprise and the twins, Jack and Ellis were a planned surprise, BOGO. Becoming a mom was the best thing I've ever done.

I have an "odd" accent.

I was born and raised in Kentucky until I was 15 when my parents moved to Florida so I could pursue working for NASA. Over time, I've developed a Florida/Kentucky accent that is unique.

My husband is my inspiration.

Most people say it's their kids, but my kids are crazy! LOL. My husband is patient, calm, the best dad, an amazing leader has a drive that seems effortless but powerful. He makes me smile every day and watching him shine inspires me.

I'm really funny.

I think I'm super funny, but my husband might disagree. I incorporate humor into everything I do. because life without laughter is just not as fun.

I can make super cool cakes.

I always believe I can do anything and Watching Ace of Cakes inspired me to try making crazy cakes. After a bit of practice I learned how to make the coolest cakes and quickly was asked them for all my friends kids. Now I only make them for my kids.

I hate the word perfectionist.

Growing up, I was in every activity - ever. I was actually the Kentucky State Junior Poultry Judging Champion in 6th grade. I thought being "perfect" was the way to win at life. That unraveled into anxiety and depression that took years to resolve. Now I choose to believe that my success is in the mess and having fun is key while bringing your light to the world!

Hi, I’m Jennifer Kremer.

I'm a corporate creator of love and light.

As an award winning leadership coach, engineer, supervisor and mom.

If you want to quit running from who you are and surrender to your own Radical Self Leaderhip, I can show you how to unlock the essence of your superpowers and from those you lead. YOU are the key. As a leader at work or at home, your ability to create major shifts is endless. Want to improve your team, increase revenue, create a happier marriage or finally hit that goal? You already have what takes but first, you have to kick the old school corporate "rules" and belief systems out of the way to make room for why you were put on this Earth. Your purpose and values are your superpower. AND the superpower for your team. I teach leaders how to embody Radical Self Leadership and how to enable your team to do the same to produce the most high performing and fulfilled teams around. With a little trust, I'll shake up everything you've been taught and believe about leadership and allow you the space to surrender to your TRUE power as a leader.

No matter who you are – starting with growing your own Self-Leadership is the first step to getting everything you want. 

My services include:

Leadership & Executive Coaching

With a special focus on radical self leadership, I can help lead you and your team down the path toward success.


Sharing my knowledge and insight with others is one of my passions. I offer seminars and workshops for groups both large and small.

Women Only Programs

Individual and group coaching sessions that are designed to guide and assist you along your personal journey toward self-discovery and fulfillment.

Ready to create a leadership style that is in alignment with who you?